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D-Roc RaiderMay 18, '21

How did the journey of becoming a Raider fan start some may ask. As a young child in Charleston SC (age 3) I never watched a football game in my life. All I remember is a bunch of family members coming over to the house to celebrate my grandmother's birthday (same day as mine) and everyone ran in the living room as the game came on.  The family asked who I was rooting for since everyone in the house said they wanted the Cowboys to win. Being one to not follow rules I decided to root for the team in all black. Especially after the win let’s say just say I never looked at any team from that point on RN4L!!!

Fast forward to 2016 I moved to North Carolina literally week 1 of the season not knowing anything about the area I checked the internet and found out there was actually a Raiders club 5 miles from the house so of course I found my way to the location. To my surprise it didn’t let me down. Wall to wall Raider fans who instantly embraced me and also carried an eternal torch/passion for the Silver & Black like myself . Every week I anxiously returned to my new home to enjoy the next match up we had ahead of us, but week 5 ended up being extra special. As a person who wants no interruptions of any kind when my team is playing I had no choice but to change the rules. As the kick off was on the way I noticed a young lady walking in with a beautiful smile and an even larger Raiders logo upon her shirt. What can I say for the first time instead of watching the Raiders game I found myself focused on my soon to be new friend. Especially after she blew my mind with her knowledge of the game, rules, penalties, even knowing the players -- she truly was a real Raider fan. Like I stated earlier almost as if I was in a trance a friendship started with Milly (Mama Raider) and myself. Just like my Raiders from that day forward with my new found friend I found someone special to share and build priceless moments with...